Ensis - Connecting the dots

Ledelse af tekniske projekter

More than 20 years of experience with project management.

When project management entered the wind industry I was one of the first to join the dicipline of project management. Back then a project manager always had a combined role of managing schedule, cost and technical solution.


With ever growing projects, the PM role is from time to time split by having a technical project manager as well.


Weather you need one or the other, or both I can support you.


Having a strong technical background gives me the strength to schedule the projects under due consideration to design and manufacturing time, and thereby ensuring your product is delivered in the shortest possible time, and in the right quality.


Combining design experience with process experience and global implementation.


Design a new product makes you sometimes realize that a new work method or process also is needed. Create the new process, upload into the quality system and we are done. 


Or are we?


Changing the way, we work is often the most challenging discipline of them all. And it is a much larger task to get training and full implementation in place than it is to create the process. 


Habits need to be changed, and without a full commitment from stakeholder this might be impossible.


Here my years of expertise from working with different cultures are valuable in the understanding of the mental blocks that must be overcome before a change management task is successful.